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Environmental Assessment Metal Recovery Plant.
Environmental Assessment project, Multiplus Ltd.
Environmental Assessment Technical Inspection of work sites with regards to environmental matters during the whole excavation process of project Jumbo, La Dehesa District.
Revision and technical "Support for a Housing Project". design,development of bid terms and conditions of 386 social houses. Inspection of the work site, Lo Barnechea District, Metropolitan Serviu.
Technical and Administrative Processing of 266 files with the rights of public water resource management in the tenth district, Valdivia Province, General water Management Office,Public Works Department Ministry.
Strategic Planning Consulting of Valdivia District with regards to land territorial and environmental planning for the district strategic development.
Evaluation of Health Improvement Programs, 2003 of Medical Centers in Pedro Aguirre Cerda, Estación Central, and Santiago Districts.
Legal reorganization of Ownership Titles, Topographical Uplifting. social and legal assessment in the thorough process in Los Andes District, 300 cases.
Territorial cadastre in extremely poor areas, Pudahuel District, Chile Barrio Program.
Territorial cadastre in extremely poor areas, Conchali District, Chile Barrio Program.
Cadastre Chile Barrio: Development, survey, application and planimetric uplifting of towns: San José, Carmen bajo y Chocalán. Development of cadastral plan and street profiles.
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